Sunday, August 30, 2009

About 1.5 months…

In a month and a half, I am going to have a visitor come and stay with me for a week, and I am so excited.  Yes, this would be “him”…


We are talking pretty much daily, and we are getting on very well so far.  Nothing to complain about really… Only complaint I have is he is far too nice to me for what I am used to.  He’s an awesome artist, a fantastic conversationalist, has a rip-roariously funny and quick wit, so sweet, cares about me a lot, and all of these things are so opposite what I am used to getting treated to and like, it’s going to take some real getting used to.  However, he is also patient, and that is what I need mostly right now.


He also accepts and loves me for what I am RIGHT NOW, and supports *ME* making the changes I want to make as long as I am the one who wants them.


OK, so it still isn’t time to announce who this uber amazing guy is, I still want some time with him on my own so we can sort out on our own level what kind of relationship this is really going to be.


If it doesn’t work out, it is going to be a terrible shame and a horrendous waste as I feel and he states to me on a regular basis.  Only time will tell.


But the real point of this pointless post is to announce that he called me today, as we tend to do very regularly, and that is when it hit me.  As of today, we only have about a month and a half.  That means I have to get my costume ready in a rush.  I knew I was in a hurry, but in July it felt forever away.  It still feels like it will never get here, but I realize it’s only about 50 days, so I have to get cracking…


Probably going to be silent until I post some pics of us (if I get brave enough).


Take care of yourselves, and each other…

<3 Lucy

Saturday, August 22, 2009


Well it has been determined that the old computer isn’t even worth the p-p-p-p-p-p-parts to make the Steampunk Cintiq.  It was a good thing I got my new one when I did.  But a pain at the same time… as I wasn’t really ready yet.

Finding my way around on this computer has proven both an exercise in adventure and discovery as well as frustration.  It is truly amazing to me that someone can get so used to things being a “certain way” even down to where your fingers fall for the keyboard.  But I am slo-o-o-owly finding the differences and making note of them for future reference.

On a quick sidenote, I can’t wait until October comes… I just know EVERY ONE wanted to know that… LOL

Well, I’m only writing here out of sheer boredom and so I will end it and go play a game or draw a picture or sculpt something or do something productive now…

Godspeed everyone!

Moi! <3

Saturday, August 15, 2009

New Beginnings

I am very excited for several reasons.  A couple days ago I got myself a necessary new computer which does several things for me.  First of all, I can stop hobbling along on my old computer which kept crashing and I was loosing files and projects on a regular basis.  It also allows me to get into creating that Steampunk Cintiq Laptop I have commented about earlier.  It also allows me to work much more smoothly, as I don’t have to battle with whether it is going to boot and stay running and keep connected.  I can close the monitor, which will allow me to keep it much cleaner and safer, and in finality (that I can think of on the spur of the moment) it has all it’s keys (WOOO HOOOO!)

What did I get?  I got a Dell Inspiron 1545.  It’s got a 250 GB Hard Drive, a 1.9 GHz 800 MHz FSB 1 MB cache Intel Celeron Dual Core T3000 processor, a 3 GB Shared Dual Channel DDR2 SDRAM which is expandable to 4 GB, CD/DVD Writer (handles DVD +/- RW), a 10/100 mbps Ethernet and Wireless 802.11 b/g modem, a 15.6 inch glossy High Def widescreen format monitor with Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 4500 MHD integrated graphics, 7-1 Media card reader, 3 USB 2.0 ports, VGA Video Output, Express Card 34mm slot as well as some other minor “bonuses”.  I am currently running Vista, but will be upgraded to Windows 7 when it is released in late October.  It’s pink, which wasn’t my first preference, but hey, when I am staring at the screen working on a digital painting or talking with my  friends and “boyfriend”, or working at my job, the case color is not so obvious, and on top of that, there isn’t a risk of confusing my computer for his and vice versa now.  LOL

Oh, you didn’t know I have a “boyfriend”?  Why are you writing that in quotes you ask?  Well, I do love him with all my heart and adore him immensely, but we are taking things a bit slowly for protection of our own feelings and those of our friends until we make some sort of decision down the road.  Yes, I am interested in him, and I love being around him, we tell each other we love each other, it’s as real and as fabulous as anything I have ever felt – no it is better than anything I have ever felt, but there are many other people to consider besides our individual selves.  Hopefully (not that we are putting a decision deadline on it) we will know something more in a couple months or so, as we are planning an extended period together, and we will learn if it is real attraction, just infatuation, or just lust. LOL.  I’m hoping it’s really real as I really could see myself being in love with him.

Who is he?  Well, because not everyone knows about us yet, I am choosing to keep you temporarily in the dark, but as soon as we know what to announce, we will announce it and shine light on everyone around us happily.

Other new beginnings?  Well the relationship was the main additional one, but there is also my attempts to get some work going with my “Socking Stuffers” to go to shows and fairs with.  You can see a few on my DA account at

Other new beginnings?  I have been working on some (in my opinion) very nice digital paintings but considering translating them (or some of them) into weavings.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Moving blog

My blog is moving onto my actual website where I can maintain it better and more regularly. There will be a temporary hiatus while my website undergoes it's complete redesign, and then I will be announcing the new release.

Thank you for your understanding

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Where in the world is Lucy Roberts?

I am in various places, and have just started (in the last couple days) some new accounts around.

Here are the links where you can find me and one or more aspects of my life:
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Here are my specific articles with titles:
How to Learn How to Draw
Painting Tips: Becoming an Equine Artist
Good Books on Learning Paintings
Watching Oil Paint Dry: How Long it Takes
Horse Breed: Belgium Horse
How to Bridle a Horse
How to Treat Rain Rot and Rain Scald in Horses
How to Clicker Train a Horse
I try to write a minimum of one article a day.)
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Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Well, here we are at the end of the month, and I am getting ready to do a massive art upload in a few days. I have been very busy working on things to sell. I would like to first write a post about some some things I have been doing.

I have finally finished the monkeys necklace. Hard to believe, but it is true! It is finally done! You can't believe how ecstatic I am over this. I am very proud of how it looks and look forward to sharing it with you.

I have been writing several articles on Helium of late. Don't know what Helium is? It's a great place where you can share your knowledge, and get paid to do so. You won't get rich doing it, but it is a nice little supplement to your regular income, and you can write about things you know! Who doesn't want to show the world how smart they are!

I am finishing up all 4 seasons Carousel Horses that I have been talking about. They will be included in all the other posts.

Today I intend to design the ACEO playing cards for hearts 2-10.

I am just about finished with the Herald of Spring piece. It took a while to decide how to make it attach to a chain, but I am happy with the decision I have made, I just need to "make" it.

If anything interests you to buy, please let me know via email or comment here. I accept payments via paypal, as well as through the mail via check, cashier's check, or money order.

I look forward to sharing these works with you!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Working from home

Many people are considering the possibility of working from home as an alternative to working in the standard good old 9-5 corporate world. I am doing it. I have found it to have many positives, but there are a few drawbacks I have found over time.

  • You can generally (depending on the specifics of the job you are working on) set your own hours. If you aren't a morning person, you can work in the afternoon. If you want your Friday's off, you can do that. If you always have to do yoga from 9-11 M-W-F, that can be arranged.
  • You have more control over the income you make.
  • You can generally (depending on the specifics of the job you are working on) work more than one job which allows for variety and lowers the monotony and makes daily work life more interesting.
  • You can deal with emergencies, little schedule conflicts, and issues more easily (depending on who you are working for)
  • You can feel more comfortable (in your own setting, with your own surroundings, furniture, television, kitchen, etc.)
  • Save money on gas (no commute).
  • Save money on other expenditures (clothes, insurance, etc.)
  • You typically don't get the insurances that you would normally have access to.
  • You have to be self sufficient/strong willpower/scheduling/organization to get work done (not get distracted by television, cleaning house, incoming phone calls, shopping, etc.)
  • You don't make as much per hour/job.
  • You don't get the social interaction.
  • You don't have the same opportunities for advancement.
Most of these con's are easily set off by a pro, but you have to really think through it enough to examine whether working from home is truly right for you.

If it is, there are several opportunities available.

For me, working from home is the perfect solution to my situation. I get to set my own hours, I get to do anything I need/want to do, and I get to set my own pay. I personally don't have many expenses currently, and I am happy to make a little to start building my nest egg to contribute to my planned move to the UK.

Also, these jobs will transfer to the UK. I can work from anywhere. If I go on a trip and get in a bind and need to get some money for an emergency, I can do some work, get paid, and voila, no more emergency. I am thrilled with my arrangement!

And it allows me time to be an artist, which is what I am really focused on!